Sustainable agriculture

Participants will learn how to establish a productive kitchen garden and how small livestock can be kept to enrich gardening and nutrition.

Duration: 5 days

We have scheduled the Sustainable Agriculture courses for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 participants. The dates for these courses in 2021 are:

February: 22nd to 26th

June: 21st to 25th

September: 20th to 24th

We reserve the right to cancel a course in case we do not get the required minimum number of participants. We can also organize any other timing for a self organised group of a minimum of 5 participants.

The course cost per participant is Ksh15.000, which includes tuition and all training materials. 

You will have to cater for your own accommodation, food and transport. 

Please access the detailed course description through this link and contact or Mobile 0724926756 for further information.