Additional costs

We charge 500 Ksh per day per person for lunch, morning and afternoon teas
Can be arranged for 5 persons onsite at a cost of 1000 Ksh per person per night
Accommodation for larger groups is also available in the neighbourhood and cost
varies between 500 Ksh to 1000 Ksh per person depending on the facility.
Technical courses such as beekeeping and fish farming need follow up and
mentoring on site. For any kind of extension service we charge
Ksh 5000/day irrespective of the number of clients served. This is not inclusive
of transport and accommodation of the facilitator to the site.
Individual students:
The above details are meant for a minimum number of students. Individuals
interested in courses please enquire for our quarterly course calendar.
Please contact us for further information:

KWETU Training Centre
For sustainable development
P.O.Box 685 – 80109 Mtwapa
Mobile: +254 724926756
Paybill number: 247251
2Account name: KWETU