From April to September, more than 200 students from different schools have visited Kwetu Training Centre. We had such fun with Happy Junior School students, Shree Swaminarayan Academy students, Mainland Accademy students as well as with students from Egerton University.

They saw how and where we produce our own organic honey, We went down to our ponds full of prawns and crabs, and took a walk with them in the middle of the mangrove forest. The children tasted our honey, we showed them how to breed rabbits and how to create neem soap and candles.

There has been something specific about few visiting days. Our interns were having their lectures about mariculture, fish farming and mangrove conservation. And they were doing great!

This is the population structure of Kenya from the recent 2017 survey:

0-14 years: 40.87% (male 9,592,017/female 9,532,032)
15-24 years: 18.83% (male 4,398,554/female 4,411,586)
25-54 years: 33.54% (male 7,938,111/female 7,755,128)
55-64 years: 3.84% (male 819,665/female 976,862)
65 years and over: 2.92% (male 590,961/female 775,842)

Who do you think need the most of our attention in form of education, proper health care, fair social system and equal gender opportunities? Yes, kids do. They are the future generation, which will be leading this country. We should not allow them to do the same mistakes. Let us teach them the sustainable and easy way of living together with nature.


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