Rabbit Distribution to Communities

Three Communities will be taking care of rabbits themselves.

Rabbit keeping Project

About 50 rabbits were distributed to three communities along the coast, under the currently running project within department of Sustainable Agriculture.

The project aims its focus on decreasing poverty and strengthening food security at the Kenyan coast through development of livelihoods, such a rabbit keeping. Sheds for rabbits were built by community members before distribution with Kwetu assistance.

Kwetu Assistant with one of the Rabbits

Agricultural sector is affected by low yields and poor soil management of small scale farmers. Low diversity of income generating activities, inadequate utilisation of harvested crops (food waste) and poor access to the markets does not allow to rise standards of living.


Rabbits are placed to sheds

Rabbit distribution is a part of the department effort to increase food (enhance food security) at the house hold level. Rabbits are fast growing and are able to give high quality proteins as they are classified as white meat. The community groups are expected to breed the given rabbits, distribute to other group members, increase the protein intake at the house hold level, provide their farms with high quality manure, thus increase farm production and eventually create extra income for the groups through sales of meat, skin and pets.


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