Meeting Mary Joy Primary

Two Creative Days with School

Crabs at Silvofishery Farm

Mary Joy Primary School from Mombasa spent two creative days at Kwetu Training Centre.

Kwetu welcomed and accommodated all together 160 students from class 6 and 7.  They had a unique opportunity to learn more about Sustainable Agriculture, see demonstrations of Beekeeping and Neem processing methods, attend excursion to Silvofishery Demo Farm and Fishing Ponds with access to Mangrove Forest conservation area.

Additionally, students had a chance to watch animated films with environmental themes, followed by discussion to share their impressions and thoughts.

The Kwetu Training Centre works with schools on regular basis. The aim of the project is to raise awareness among young generation in terms of farming sustainability, recycling and taking care of the environment.

More pictures are available on Kwetu Facebook.


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