Eco Festival Exceeds Expectations

Eco Festival welcomed 300 visitors

Awards giving

The first edition of Eco Festival, which took place at KWETU Training Centre for Sustainable Development on June 14, 2015 hosted more than 300 visitors from all parts of Kilifi County. About half of the total number were children, who brought a lot of energy and creative ideas into the theme of environment, especially during Painting

All the visitors had a chance to meet all KWETU Beekeeping, Mariculture, Sustainable farming, and Neem production experts; experience Honey processing, Neem Jelly and Candle making; took an active part of the Painting Competition, Environmental Quiz, and Treasure hunt. Eco Cinema offered variety of films, from short animations for the youngest audience, to world know documentaries focusing on environmental topics. Festival also served as a place for professional networking. KWETU offered space, where all the exhibitors and local NGOs shared new experience from the world of technology, innovations, recycling, solar equipment, or living and livelihood. Presenters introduced their eco plans and visions for the future.

Additionally, visitors had a special opportunity to purchase KWETU`s Neem and Honey products, which were available for sale.

Kwetu Pure Mangrove Honey
Kwetu Pure Mangrove Honey

The special prizes composed of KWETU products (Neem Candles, Moringa Tree plants, Mangrove Honey) were given to awarded competitors of Environmental Quiz, Treasure hunt, Corporate teambuilding, and the Painting Competition.

At the very end, the 6th grade students from Kilifi Kivukoni International School presented environmental song as the highlight of the Sunday evening.

Kwetu Eco Fest Report for download.

More photos are available on Facebook.

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